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DOTEC-AUDIO DeeMax Maximizer Plug-In (Download)

FAB # 11-30272

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  • Automatic Maximizer with One Slider
  • Enhances Apparent Loudness
  • Preserves Tone Characteristics
  • Adds Fat Saturation
  • Fast, Reliable for Use in Live Situation
  • Audio Units, VST
  • Mac OS X, Windows

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$ 729

Más Información

The DeeMax from DOTEC-AUDIO is an intuitive maximizer plug-in that lets you create louder and fuller-sounding recordings without sacrificing their tonal quality. Equipped with a high-speed algorithm, this fast and reliable plug-in can be used to perform live, in the studio or on stage.

Easy-to-use, the DeeMax features a large slider that lets you dial in the desired amount of effect. Push the slider a little higher and start coloring your track with fat saturation. The Safe switch will work to smoothly correct excessive saturation, in real time. For a more pronounced maximizer effect, engage the Turbo switch and add extra punch to your mix.

Max slider – maximizer lets you add loudness to tracks/mixes, without sacrificing tonal quality
Turbo switch – lets you add extra punch
Increase value of Max slider to get fat saturation
Safe switch – smoothly corrects excessive saturation, in real time
Fast and reliable, high-speed algorithm – can be used in live situations

Mac System Requirements OS X 10.9 or later
Internet connection required
Windows System Requirements Not specified by manufacturer
Internet connection required
Plug-In Compatibility AU (64-bit, Mac only), VST (32-/64-bit)

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