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Nuevo Eventide 2016 Stereo Room - Native Reverb Plug-In (Crossgrade) Ver más grande

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Eventide 2016 Stereo Room - Native Reverb Plug-In (Crossgrade)


Nuevo producto

  • For Anthology II Owners
  • Natural Reverb
  • Complex Early Reflections
  • Position Control for Room Placement
  • AAX Native
  • Audio Units
  • VST
  • Mac OS X
  • Windows

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$ 1,474

Más Información

The 2016 Stereo Room from Eventide is a native based reverb plug-in that recreates the sounds of the original hardware unit. It is a "natural" sounding reverb (as opposed to an effect type reverb). The structure of the reverb algorithm combined with the choices of delay lengths, interconnects, filter placement, early reflections, etc. all contribute to the overall sound.

Although the user is allowed to vary the effect dramatically, the controls can't be set in such a way as to create an unnatural sounding effect. The algorithms naturally simulate every aspect of the sound of a real enclosure - from the complex early reflections, to the natural way in which the echo density increases with time, to the smooth Gaussian decay of the reverb tail.

The plug-in is available as an AAX Native and Audio Units plug-in for Mac, and as an AAX Native and VST plug-in for Windows.

Nota: This crossgrade is for registered owners of Anthology II who wish to add the 2016 Stereo Room native plug-in. The user's iLok account is needed when registering the product. Requires iLok 2 if one is not already present on the system.

Natural and distinctive sound
Simple parametric controls
Complex early reflections
Smooth decay tail
Position control for precise room placement
Decay control sets the reverb time
Pre-delay adds a delay before the reverb
Diffusion alters the character of the space
EQ block includes corner frequency and gain controls
Input gain control for precise level matching
Kill button for quick effect audition
System Requirements
OS X 10.5 and later for Audio Units, 10.6 and 10.7 for AAX Native
Host software that supports either of these plug-in formats

Windows 7 for AAX Native, Windows XP and Windows 7 for VST
Host software that supports either of these plug-in formats

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