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Image-Line Juice Pack Plug-In Bundle

FAB # 11-31138

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  • 13 Effects Plug-Ins
  • EQs, Delays, Compressors, Filters & More
  • VST Format
  • Windows Only

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$ 1,165

Más Información

The Juice Pack is a software bundle from Image-Line that includes an assortment of effects and mixing plug-ins that can be used in a wide variety of music production and other applications. It is compatible with Windows only and can be run standalone or within your VST-compatible host software.

The Juice Pack provides three separate EQs which include the Parametric EQ, Parametric EQ 2 and the Equo graphic EQ. The Parametric EQ is a 7-band equalizer that is designed to be an efficient go-to plug-in for general mixing needs. The Parametric EQ 2, also 7-band, features a graphic spectral analysis display that provides a visual representation of the frequency response of your source material. This can be used to help you isolate problem areas in your audio when performing corrective equalization tasks. The Equo graphic EQ is designed particularly for creating automated effects to add life to your musical productions or live performances. In addition to being able to EQ specific frequencies, Equo also allows you to pan them independently. It also features an automatable "morph" parameter for adding modulation effects to your audio.

In addition to EQs the Juice Pack includes two delay plug-ins: Delay and Delay Bank. Delay is a standard delay/echo effect that features inverted stereo and ping pong modes as well as a low pass filter. Delay Bank is an enhanced version of Delay with additional features such as stereo offset control as well as the ability to pan the input signal.

The bundle also includes various filter effects that can be used to add color and movement to your mixes. The Love Philter plug-in is an eight-step cascading filter effect that can be used to create complex, tempo-synced filter chains. Flangus is a flange and unison effect that can be used to add stereo depth to the various elements of your mix. The WaveShaper is a distortion effect that maps its input and output to an XY axis, allowing you to control gain amounts and shape tonal characteristics graphically.

Other featured plug-ins include Multiband Compressor, Stereo Enhancer, Vocoder, Wave Candy visualization tool and Spectroman spectrum analyzer.

Three band stereo Multiband Compressor using ButterWorth IIR or LinearPhase FIR filters to separate the incoming signal into three bands for processing. Limiter functionality is also included
Stereo Enhancer which employs filters and processors to widen or alter the stereo image of the input sound
Vocoder advanced real-time vocoder effect with adjustable parameters and zero latency
Wave Candy audio analysis and visualization tool including an oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer and peak meter
Spectroman spectrograph and sonograph spectrum analyzation tool. Cab be used for monitoring the frequency distribution of your mix
System Requirement
Windows 7 & 8, Vista, XP (SP2) - (32 & 64 Bit OS)
2GHz AMD or Intel Pentium 3 compatible CPU with full SSE1 support
DirectSound or ASIO compatible soundcard
Use with VST compatible host

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