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iZotope Music Production Bundle 2 - Mixing, Mastering, Vocal Production Plug-Ins Suite (Standard Crossgrade, Download)


Nuevo producto

  • Ozone 7 Advanced
  • Neutron Advanced
  • RX Plug-In Pack
  • Insight
  • Nectar 2 Production Suite
  • VocalSynth
  • Trash 2 with 2 Expansion Packs

Más detalles

$ 5,883

Más Información

Available for download, this second iteration of the Music Production Bundle from iZotope delivers seven useful tools for mixing, mastering, and vocal production. It is sure to satisfy beginners and professionals alike. Neutron provides intelligent tools for fixing/improving upon elements within a mix, while Nectar 2 can help fix any vocal issues. On the other hand, if you're looking to create vocal issues, VocalSynth will help you achieve astounding, alien, or classic vocal effects. Ozone 7 Advanced is a well-regarded mastering powerhouse, while Trash 2, along with its two sound expansion packs, provides tools for distorting and experimenting with sound. The RX Plug-In pack brings you four tools used by industry and forensic professionals alike to rescue audio from horrid background noise or sudden sonic intrusions. To help oversee and diagnose issues, Insight delivers comprehensive metering.

Nota: To qualify for this crossgrade, you must have a purchased and licensed copy of any iZotope Standard product. Please note, DDLY, Mobius Filter, and any free product does not qualify you for this crossgrade.

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